#SHARE60 – Adwords, hoarders and geriatrics

This week in 60 seconds…

  • It’s been an exciting week for admen and adwomen everywhere this week as Adobe launched its Advertising Cloud, synchronising search, social and even TV. It’s a digital hoarders dream come true
  • Instead of matching keywords, LinkedIn has begun rolling out Matched Audiences – a new approach to strategic targeting
  • On the subject of Instagram, the platform has now made it possible to save live videos for use later – which could come in handy if you fancy nipping off for a pint midway through an event…
  • Before we leave Instagram behind, all those who work in retail marketing should know that the platform is now more shoppable than ever with the introduction of self-serve tools
  • It’s important to understand that consumer behaviour must be at the very heart of your campaigns but, when it comes to male customers, are you pandering to ‘real men’ or to the ken dolls of the world?

A final thought…

It’s more important than ever to think about who your audience is and what they expect from your brand. Take Instagram, for example – the largest demographic of active users is 18 – 29 year olds. However, the statistic about older generations, given above, suggests that your demographic is split, not just by age, but by needs and interests. Therefore, you should think about how you can split your demographic up and use varying techniques to appeal to each segment individually.

#SHARE60 Data and more:


Multi-screening is common, but varies by device type. 10% of all UK consumers check their desktop computer while watching TV, but 51% reach for their smartphones. The % of smartphone second-screeners soars for social users, led by Snapchat and Instagram. Marketers should be mindful of this tendency, and consider opportunities to reach their consumers across multiple devices at once.
Yesterday, our Data Scientist Harry attended an event hosted by Brandwatch. With speakers such as Unilever present, it was stressed that insights for social media campaigns should not just rely on social data as it’s important to also use traditional research methods. This resonated with our data team who regularly compliment their social data with YouGov profiles to provide more robust insights.

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