#SHARE60 – Stories, history and Article 50

This week in 60 seconds…

  • So, it looks like the goal for coasting social media platforms is to simply copy each other. But for those in trouble, yes we’re talking about Twitter, desperate times call for… paid memberships?
  • Which could actually happen given that a few weeks ago we discussed Twitter’s scope for live video which has now been followed by the introduction of pre-roll ads… you heard it here first!
  • Not only that, but internet providers can now legally sell your internet history so there could be whole other section of society that’ll be out of a job soon too…
  • If there isn’t someone looking at your history, these days, there’s a startup looking at your videos – Matroid can watch videos and detect anything in them which could be ideal for social platforms struggling with hate speech and violent live content…
  • The type of which we thankfully didn’t see after the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday. However, we know this is an anxious time for brands in Britain, so here’s some advice for the automotive, financial and FMCG brands out there

A final thought…
The Facebook Stories feature is not currently available for brand pages and publishers – but when that changes, as it inevitably will, the fact that it sits at the top of people’s News Feeds means that brands will have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it. When the time comes, use Stories to give your audience an insight into how your brand works on a day by day basis – don’t fill it with content which you’re pushing out through the usual channels. Show the public your spontaneity, the reach of your campaigns and your social prowess.

 #SHARE60 Data Dose:                                                                  SHARE Creators with Trojan VR:


Brexit results last June came as a surprise to those on both sides of the vote. Some have argued that Facebook’s algorithm, trained to show us what we want to see, kept many of us in a social media bubble that was too comfortable. With 70% of The Guardian’s Facebook fans voting Remain, and 62% of Daily Mail’s fans voting Leave, this could be the case. Do we need to work harder to seek out opinions that conflict with our own?
Every month we host SHARE Creators: a session used to welcome innovators, influencers and publishers into our London office. The idea is to find out more about each other and, more importantly, discuss potential partnership opportunities for SHARE and our clients. This month the virtual reality production company Trojan VR are taking us to different universes from the comfort of SHARE HQ.

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