#SHARE60 – Jokes, War and Canvas

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Virtual reality has taken a bold step in the education sector by giving kids the chance to immerse themselves in World War 1 trenches… all the action, none of the danger
  • Whilst we’re looking at digital images, the computers are beginning to look at us: LocusBots can now navigate through crowds of people and other bots providing opportunities to automate warehouse labouring
  • From the streamlined to the slim-lined, Google has released YouTube Go to help those in areas with limited internet service to access content online
  • Although Facebook is hitting the canvas, Twitter is hitting the deck as the NFL (arguably one of the only partners Twitter has excelled with) has decided to make a deal with Amazon instead…
  • Perhaps the blue bird can fill this void with business from emerging markets as it releases Twitter Lite – the YouTube Go of social media

A final thought…

Whether it’s getting rid of AR headsets, trimming down irrelevant applications or creating a limited but more accessible service, it’s been a week of reductions across the board. This could possibly be because people are looking for more refined services that are tailored to their needs, giving them practical solutions to everyday problems. With this in mind, it’s important to look at the services you provide and decide whether your offering is actually relevant to your target audience.

 #SHARE60 Data Dose:                                             SHARE Shoots:


This week, many claimed that Pepsi’s ‘protest ad’ (now removed), is a jump on the cause-supporting bandwagon only to sell stuff. With 50% of consumers more likely to buy a brand that supports a resonating cause, it might not be a terrible idea. However, as 16% view the attempt as inauthentic, and 24% claim it depends on the cause, not everyone is fooled. Brands need to back causes that mean something to them and their consumers, and make an effort to prove their genuine support.
This week, our creative and design teams have been incredibly busy behind the camera (and behind the wheel!) From shooting with Premier League legends, posing with southern fried chicken wings, to whizzing around London roads at the legal driving limit… We’ve had a blast! Got a brief for an upcoming shoot? Along with our Drone and Osmo, we have some super high-tech cameras and experienced videographers to boot. Get in touch with our SHARE Live team, here.

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