#SHARE60 – United Airlines, hotel rooms and The Simpsons

This week in 60 seconds…

  • With these advances in visual enhancers, it’s important to remember what will really keep consumers engaged with your brand: emotion
  • There’s nothing more emotive than the video content created by passengers of the recent United Airlines flight which has caused the biggest PR crisis of 2017 so far
  • But it’s not just brands that are having to adapt after losing favour, PewDiePie (the most highly paid vlogger ever) has promised to keep his content suitable for all ages after recent dramas…
  • More intelligent people, and brands, will realise that it’s best to start adapting before the controversy. Coca-Cola has been showing its marketing prowess once more by using educated foresight to avoid problems before they happen

A final thought…

Imagery and emotion are currently the driving force behind the marketing industry so make sure you’re taking advantage of them. With increasingly advanced visual tech, becoming available to all, user generated content can offer brands the opportunity to find meaningful campaigns in their followers’ lives and experiences.

#SHARE60 Data and more


1/5 of consumers have boycotted brands following a scandal. Of this, 1/2 are due to tax avoidance and 44% are due to brand’s mistreatment of staff. It might come as a relief that only 25% would boycott a brand over offensive advertising, giving brands a bit more room for controversy (within reason – looking at you Pepsi…)
Last week our Project Director, Anna, attended a talk hosted by the Hoxton Mix Collective on the state of voice activation in 2017. With a mix of speakers ranging from Amazon, Google to Unilever, it is clear that after getting down and digital with the latest tech, the future really is hands-free.

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