#SHARE60 – The F8 special

For those of you who don’t know, F8 is a conference held by the social giant that is Facebook. It’s a chance for people to effectively find out what the future holds for social media and, in particular, Facebook.

This week in 60 seconds…

  • The conference paid particular attention to Facebook Messenger which is gaining QR codes and the ability to help you order your food shop. But that’s not all…
  • You’ll soon be able to join group bots and find new ones more easily with a new discovery tab – if you’re not on the bot bandwagon by now, you need to jump on it ASAP
  • If that wasn’t exciting enough, you’ll soon be able to play Apple Music and Spotify in Messenger as well – you can pretend all of your friends have their own theme tune
  • Which all amounts to the fact that Facebook Messenger will become the driving force of your social and work life… if it isn’t already
  • With one of its apps taking the world by storm, it would be silly for Facebook not to launch another at F8. Which is why we can soon expect its first VR app – Facebook Spaces
  • Which should be a massive success given Facebook’s track record: now owning four of the five most downloaded apps in 2017, including WhatsApp and Instagram
  • It wouldn’t be F8 without a speech from the Lord of Social himself so here’s the highlights of Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech… condensed into 10 minutes
  • Now, there’s been a lot of talk about the death of the smartphone recently and it appears Mark feels the same way, seeing augmented reality as the future instead – as predicted by a certain weekly newsletter a few weeks ago…
  • But that’s enough about Facebook and what better way to distract us from it than porn? The marketing titan that is Pornhub has been showing its prowess by making movements in the photo app industry – watch out Snapchat
  • Speaking of porn, one of the only social channels which still supports it is Twitter, although that’s now launching in-stream video ads so there’s a strong chance people will be flocking back to Pornhub

A final thought…

The most important takeaway from this week’s #SHARE60 and F8 in general, is that the future of social is Facebook. For that reason, it’s important to stay abreast of the ever increasing services offered by the platform, so that you can use them to target consumers before your competition.

#SHARE60 Data and more:


AI is slowly creeping into our everyday devices, without us being aware or comfortable with it. As many as 84% of consumers have used an AI-powered device before, with only 34% consciously doing so. This lack of knowledge might explain why only around a third are comfortable with AI technology. Does the industry need to do more to educate consumers?
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