#SHARE60 – Gluttony, ad blockers and SHAREbot

Please give a big warm welcome to our newest recruit, SHAREbot – here to tell you who we are, what we do and how to join our team. Click on the gif below to find out more (for the best experience, check it out on your mobile!)


This week in 60 seconds…

Final thought(s)…

  1. If adults are now watching over an hour of digital video per day, think carefully about how you make yours stand out and hold attention for as long as possible
  2. With ad blocking rising as quickly as video consumption, it’s essential for brands to connect with consumers using new, innovative approaches – get in touch if you’d like to learn more about future proofing your brand
  3. Microsoft and FaceApp’s racial blunders show the importance of thorough testing before launching your product in the public domain
  4. LinkedIn’s booming success shows the benefit of staying true to your core values and steering clear of saturated markets

 #SHARE60 Data Dose:                                             ChatBots:

GRAPH (1) (1)

More than a half of UK consumers are aware of what a ChatBot is. However, three quarters have not yet spoken to one. This creates a certain pressure on brands to find new ways to implement ChatBots, with 35% of consumers striving to see more Bots, and looking for ease and speed in reaching their goals.
This week, SHARE attended an event on ChatBots. While it was key no brand should ever use new tech for the sake of it, it was clear that bots (used in the right way) could be problem solvers for brands. As always, a data-driven approach should be at the heart of any ChatBot project.

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