#SHARE60 – Snap elections, snapshots and Snapchat

This week in 60 seconds…

A final thought…

With Snapchat winning business with Warner Bros. and showing that it can find practical uses for cutting edge tech, faster than some of its competitors, the platform cannot be underestimated. How can you stay ahead of your competitors by using Snapchat’s contemporary approach to marketing?

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14% of UK electorates believe that newspapers will play a role in influencing their vote in the up-coming general election – a 6% decrease from those who said these media outlets influenced their vote in the last election. In contrast, 13% of respondents said social media would influence their up-coming vote, up from the 2% that said it affected their last vote. Pressure will be on how social media is used to leverage votes in the next election.
Ever wondered why people put unhappy faces as their status?
Baffled by the number of fried breakfasts on your feed?
Our full time wordsmith, part time psychologist Harry Wright was in The Drum this week talking about Modern Marketing and Media – the behavioural sciences behind social media’s most irritating people.

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