#SHARE60 – Bots, cops and social opps

This week in 60 seconds…

A final thought…

Looking out for social trends and opportunities before it’s too late is now more important than ever. Did you manage to jump on the Facebook Live voting bandwagon? If you didn’t, you’ve missed a chance for easy engagement. But don’t worry, redemption is within reach – the bot bandwagon is only just taking off, for smaller businesses anyway…

#SHARE60 Data Dose and more:    


Although nearly 3/4 of consumers value brands for being humorous, only 1/3 would be likely to make a purchase based on it – responsiveness and providing educational material are more likely to encourage sales. Being honest, friendly and helpful are what consumers value most from a brand, which should urge companies to rethink their social laugh-a-lot strategy.
We attended the BIMA Breakfast Briefing this week, an event inspiring companies to instil an ethos of social good. Our key takeaways? Truly care about the cause, and be consistent on a brand and personal level. Whatever you do needs to add real value and make a difference, whilst also being something your mum will tell her friends about…

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