#SHARE60 – Political polls, grammar goals and livestream loopholes

This week in 60 seconds…

A final thought…

Donald Trump gave us a masterclass in how not to do social media this week. As we said last week, good copy is the foundation of success as spelling and grammar issues open you up to ridicule and opportunistic hashtags. And while paying for followers may seem like a quick win, these people will have no followers themselves and will never interact with your brand – they are worthless. It’s as cliché as it gets but if building a massive following was that easy, everyone would do it.

#SHARE60 Data Dose and more:    

Graph (5)

Ahead of the general election, 39% of UK voters visit national newspaper sites twice as often as they usually do. With voters rating social media around 30% less accurate than newspapers, could the rise in fake news scandals on social impact it being seen as a trustworthy source?
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