#SHARE60 – Tools, fools and Snapchat School

This week in 60 seconds…

A final thought…

With over 1.94 billion users on Facebook, you’d be a fool to think your brand doesn’t need a Facebook page. Even Twitter has one. More importantly, however, you should notice that most of the new tools and features creeping into the platform offer incredible opportunities for your brand to directly engage with and retarget users. Of course, you can only take advantage of them if you’re on the platform in the first place.

#SHARE60 Data Dose and more:    

Share60_2 (2)

Snapchat’s attempts to drive more marketers towards the platform comes as no surprise, with only 7% claiming to have used it in 2017. Facebook reigns supreme at 94%, with more than half of marketers investing in its other platform, Instagram. Ad improvements in Instagram Stories provide even more reason (aside from pure scepticism) to refrain from entrusting their money in Snapchat.
This week we attended Teads’ AI & Advertising webinar. As we know, AI has the ability to learn, access copious amounts of data and even train itself – making these cost-effective and time efficient features even more attractive as replacements for human jobs. Speaker and CEO of Teads Studio, @emigal, believes that any businesses moving forward with AI would inevitably need to invest in their own Data Management Platform to help train and tailor it to their business.

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