#SHARE60 – Posters, predictions and pioneers

This week in 60 seconds…

A final thought…

We are arguably still in the opening stages of the artificial intelligence wave with the first pioneers, brave enough to take the leap, already reaping the benefits. It’s not just huge umbrella corporations taking the leap either, so take a step back, look at your brand and try to spot an area where the introduction of AI could help even a little, so that as the industry progresses you do too.

#SHARE60 Data Dose and more:    



Despite such initiatives as drawing, writing music or poetry AI, Arts and Entertainment falls behind such industries as Accommodation and Food, Manufacturing or Transportation in regards to automation potential. Across sectors, predictable physical activities or processing and collecting data are the most potent to reduce the human factor allowing to focus efforts where they’re less substitutable.

With bots on the brain, SHAREbot, our latest recruit, has made it into The Drum! Discussing the rise of future-proofing, automation and the benefits of our bot to our business, SHARE’s own Content Manager Harry Wright gives insight into how this is inevitably changing the agency landscape.


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