#SHARE60 – Software is dead, long live software

This week in 60 seconds…

A final thought…

When software such as Flash and Paint come under threat, public engagement around that topic is bound to swell. Could your brand take advantage of the nostalgia or take an original approach to the subject, with a stunt or offer, to separate itself from the crowd?

#SHARE60 Data Dose and more:    


Meanwhile, in the app universe, communication is still key with messaging tools WhatsApp and Messenger leading global downloads. While Facebook and Instagram have had between 35-40M downloads to date, Ubisoft’s Fidget Spinner app has crept into the leaderboard with over 22M downloads, overcoming the likes of Snapchat or Spotify Music.
Our data and creative teams have been super busy in the past few months (in between voting in #GE2017 and watching some pretty intense sets at Wimbledon!) So here’s just a little summary of what we’ve been working on here at SHARE HQ! Have feedback or just interested to know more? Get in touch.

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